Easy to use Social Media tool allows you to control Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more from one site.

November 2, 2010

My Social Blend is the latest project from 2020 eConsulting that allows you to see all statuses from your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn with more coming soon. This Social Media Aggregator also allows you to post a message, photo and video from the same site and shotguns it out to you connected networks.  It aggregates all of your friends from all of your social networks on one screen in alphabetical order.

The funny thing about this project is that it had shed a new light in my anti-social media world. In fact, I am now fond of using and reading Twitter with My Social Blend.

Create a free account on My Social Blend ( http://www.mysocialblend.com ) and let me know what you think!


What the hell is a QR Code? Can it help my Business?

June 3, 2010
QR Code - Call 2020 eConsultingYou have probably seen these weird looking barcode boxes in a few different stores or print media. They are called QR Codes.
They can be created to send someone to a customized link, dial a custom telephone number, send a text or to display custom text.

QR Codes, Quick Response Codes, were mostly used to track inventory but have become more popular in the marketing world.

How Can I Try Scanning a QR Code?

There are different apps that you can download for your phone. For example, I have installed a free app for my iPhone called QR Reader. I just open the app, it opens my camera,  and frame the QR Code in my phone – and Done!

How Can can a QR Code help my business?

  • Add them to Any Print Advertising you do (business cards, direct mail, post cards)
  • Create your QR Codes to link to a special offer on your website or to dial sales
  • Have them at posted on front door and link to your Google Business Listing to push ratings, store hours & etc.

We would love to learn more about your business to present a more effective way of operating, managing and marketing. Give us a call toll-free at 1 (877) 429-8620 or contact us at through our contact form on http://www.2020econsulting.com, or try scanning the QR Code above from your phone.

Using a For Sale By Owner section on your website to attract more web visitors

April 23, 2010
In 2006 we started thinking outside the box and were looking for ways to increase web traffic for an automotive group in Utah. The idea was to install a “For Sale by Owner” section amongst their new and used inventories. We could think of a few reasons why most people, if anyone, hadn’t tried it before… but the reasons to try it, in our minds, outweighed the reasons for not trying it. The biggest benefits that we identified were increased content; which, in return, gives you more web traffic plus, it was a clever way to overcome vehicle trade in objections. So lets break these items down…
1) Additional Relevant Content = More Website Traffic

By adding a “For Sale By Owner” section we were basically adding more inventory on the site. This inventory has the phrases “for sale” along with geographic keywords such as “cities” and the state of “Utah” in each page. It also added brand keywords from the makes and models of the vehicles that were on the site. The website started picking up steam and within a year the FSBO content was bringing in more than 1,000 additional visitors to the site each month. When the visitors were looking at the vehicles sold by private sellers they were also shown similar vehicles in the dealers’ new and used inventories. A large percentage of the visitors would also look at the dealer owned inventories, resulting in deals.

If you have spent any money in pay per click, you will know that it costs about $3 to $6 per click. Those 1,000 visitors would cost you a whopping $3,000 to $6,000 dollars a month… wow!

2) Overcoming the “not enough money for my trade in”
Anyone in the automotive business knows this is a common objection when trying to put a deal together. Having a
‘For Sale By Owner” section on your dealer website allows you to offer a way to overcome that objection. It’s really quite simple; you quote a trade value, if the customer feels they can sell their vehicle for more, you offer to help them. Basically, tell them some of the tricks you use to sell your vehicles, offer to take the photos of their vehicle and post their new listing on your site. You allow them “x” amount of days and “x” miles that they would need to stay within to get your original buy back quote. If you weren’t able to put the deal together then, at least you now know when their vehicle is sold; and up until that point they are receiving automated email messages giving them tips and whispering in their ear to trade in their vehicle to you.
Recently, I was interviewed by Automotive News about our successes and motivation on this idea. Since that article, we have had a series of calls from interested dealers. That has inspired us to create a new product called FSBO plug. Named after its’ function – a plugin FSBO section that can be added to any website domain. It won’t interfere with your existing website, even if you change to another web company. Your FSBO section will stay with you.
Darren Farnsworth


2020 eConsulting LLC


Business: Digital Integration

January 13, 2010

Business: Digital Integration
Businesses are always looking to streamline and simplify everything. Or shall I say businesses that won’t be capable of competing are just “looking” and not “doing”!

The Integration of all the essential business tools from Accounting, CRM, Website and Business Analytics has been one of our major focuses for the past couple of years and we are finally implementing this to our clients. This allows quick and insightful data right at the owners and managers fingertips as well as opens several possibilities for marketing, retention and sales managers.

We would love to learn more about your business to present a more effective way of operating, managing and marketing. Give us a call toll-free at 1 (877) 429-8620 or contact us at through our contact form on www.2020econsulting.com

How to get the most out of your email marketing

October 22, 2009

Ahh yes, email marketing…. an advertising medium that everyone loves due to the low to no cost. The question is; how do you maximize your campaigns so that you get the best open, click, and better yet conversion rates. The way we look at email marketing at 2020 eConsulting is like a series of chains. Here is where we insert the phrase…  “as strong as its weakest link”. So what are all the “links”, metaphorically speaking? We have them itemized here into six pieces:

  1. The Email List / Database
  2. The Message(s)
  3. The Subject(s)
  4. The Look
  5. The Delivery
  6. The Measurement

So let’s elaborate on exactly what we mean. While reading this message it would be best for you to rate your business on each one of the items for each email campaign that you send:

1. The Email List

First things first… who are we sending this email to? Will the message or offer suit this list? Does your database or list contain first and last names or additional data that may allow you to personalize your message and subject? If the answer is yes, have you formatted your text with the appropriate casing such as “Proper Case” ?

2. The Message

Ultimately the question here is what is your desired outcome with this email campaign? Is it worthy enough to intrigue your email list into opening, clicking, signing up or buying what you are selling? A great way to measure this is by statistics and list segmentation.

3. The Subject

The subject line is like your elevator pitch. If you have given serious thought into your message (#2 above) then you need to consolidate and personalize it to grab someone’s attention.

4. The Look

Obviously the look plays an important factor in any email campaign.  A clean and clear look and feel is always welcomed by the average reader. We have found great success with adding a navigation bar in the email that can direct a reader to a specific spot on your website. These links also play an important role in email statistics and when remarketing based on clicked interests.

You do need to be cautious when using graphics in your emails. You need to have enough text in the body of the message to entice the user to download or show images. Most email clients or web mail providers will not show the images unless the senders email is added to the “safe sender list”. So you can assume that they will see some red [X]’s at first.

Looking for a higher conversion rate? Try segmenting your list and designing an email that fits the desired look of the reader. A simple example is a male versus female design and message.

5. The Delivery

“The when and with what!”

With What:
Do your emails get sent with a email marketing tool such as Constant Contact, Vertical Response, iContact and etc? Or are you using your own email server? Ultimately sending through a private static ip address is your best bet but it requires more than just a private static ip and not always the easiest for most companies to facilitate.  At the least you should use a company mentioned above.

The When:

Most research shows that a Thursday or Friday delivery proves a higher open and click through rate. I believe if you think about your demographic you can generalize their day or week and select a few possible times for a campaign. Remember this is really a science and if you have time you can blindly segment your list in three and send three blasts and measure the ones that work the best

6. The Measurement

A historical measurement of open, click and conversion ratios is your best ammo to maximizing your email campaigns. It is best if your statistics can also be integrated into your website analytics tool so that you can see what happened after they clicked out of their email onto your website.

The tricky part is how can you really measure all of this when your offer or messages may be the underlying factor? The important thing is to do your best to keep your offers consistent tempting and ever so different. Of course that is much easier to say than do.


List Segmentation

Segmentation is an important part of getting that big pay day. The only problem is it takes several columns of up to date & well managed data… not to mention some time and patience. Id this is a list you are harvesting be sure to collect all of the fields that you would need to give the best personal one to one message.

Let 2020 eConsulting send your next email campaign

2020 eConsulting can help you to get your email campaigns on the right track whether its your first company email or your thousandth! Get a free quote today for professional email marketing.

Affordable Customer Relationship Management Solutions

September 1, 2009

CRM / Customer Relationship Management is often spoke about in the business world no matter the size of the business. Does your business use one? Does your business use it to it’s fullest potential?

Why use a CRM / Customer Relationship Management?

  1. To keep your customer & prospect data organized
  2. To help measure advertising or marketing campaign success
  3. Utilize & segment your customer and or prospect data for one to one marketing through email campaigns & direct mail
  4. To have follow up reminders for sales, support and etc
  5. To gauge your employee performance

Affordable Customer Relationship Management Solutions
2020 eConsulting has installed a variety of Customer Relationship Management systems for clients. Our current favorite, when it comes to affordable CRM Solutions is Zoho.  The program is pretty robust and can operate starting under $10 for four users. So far, the greatest disadvantage to Zoho is their customer support. But, you probably have guessed, 2020 eConsulting can help tailor this program to your business for a nominal fee :). Contact 2020 today toll free to learn more about Customer Relationship Management at 1 (877) 429-8620

Virtual PBX, a great tool for small business

August 31, 2009

2020 eConsulting has setup a handful of its clients with Virtual PBX,  a very affordable phone solution for small business.

They have a small business plan starting at $9.95 / month which includes a 800 / 866 / 877 phone number. The starting plan gives you five extensions and one ACD Que (this is the “press one for…, two for…” option that you hear on most automoated phone systems).

The telephone number can also be used as a fax line and all inconming faxes can be sent to your email 🙂

Visit www.virtualpbx.com to learn more.

How is your website indexed on Google?

July 30, 2009

Did you know that by typing “site:yourwebsite.com” in the Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search bar that you can see your indexed pages of your website?

What is the benefit? For starters you can get a feel for how your site could appear on search results. Secondly you can see the title of each page, description and link.

Here is a bad example for a site to be indexed assuming Joe’s Place is a Seafood Restaurant appearing on a Google Search:

Joes’ Place
People love it here! Come on in today.
http://www.example.com  – Cahed  – Simlar

Here is a better example of Joe’s Place is a Seafood Restaurant appearing on a Google Search:

Joes’ Place Seafood. Best Seafood in Your City. Crab Lobster Shrimp
People love Joe’s Place for Seafood. In fact,  we have been voted best seafood in Your City! Enjoy our fresh Crab, Lobster, Shrimp  for lunch or dinner at Joes in Your City.
http://www.example.com  – Cahed  – Simlar

Is your company listed on the main search engine directories?

July 29, 2009

If your business is not  listed on the Yahoo Local Business Directory, Google Local Business Directory and Bing Local Business Directory, they need to be online asap.

The optimization of your main company website and local listing can be a winning combination for your business.

Please contact 2020 today and get your company on all local directories and to get search engine optimized.

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July 29, 2009

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